Create incandescent light bulb ornaments

A fun, creative way to use those wasteful incandescent bulbs is to make ornaments out of them. How you choose to decorate them is up to you. Think of them the way you think of eggs at Easter: they're a blank canvas just waiting for your own creative touch. The possibilities are nearly limitless. Below is a list of items and hints to get you started.


Suggested items:


•   Old incandescent bulbs, wiped clean

•   Craft glue

•   Paints, assorted colors (acrylic paints dry quickly)

•   Brushes (one for glue, one for paint)

•   Glitter

•   Rhinestones

•   Pipe cleaners

•   Sharpies

•   Ribbons (varying widths and colors)


You can find a number of bulb decorating ideas for the holidays. You can make snowmen, reindeer, Santas or whatever the holidays mean to you. This is a fun, easy project the whole family can enjoy.


*Once you've decorated them, you'll need a way to hang them on your tree. The best way is to apply glue to the threaded end. Make a loop with a piece of ribbon (big enough to fit over a branch) and glue it to the threads. Then wrap another ribbon around the threads to secure the loop.