Making upgrades to your home is easier than you think.

Simply follow these three steps to get started.


Choose an energy-saving project


Receive an instant discount rebate


Discover PSO rebates

Complete three or more upgrades at once to receive the Multiple Upgrade Bonus – a 50% bonus on your total rebate amount. Rebates shown in the boxes below include the 50% bonus. Just making one upgrade? View our single upgrade rebates section below. Click on any project to learn more.

Test Heating and Air Insulation Lighting Windows
Single Upgrade Rebates Insulation Water Heater Windows Windows Lighting Furnace Heating and Air

Download PSO rebates as a PDF.


Buy an energy-efficient new home

Looking for a home with upgrades already built in? Consider buying or building a new one. PSO provides rebates for homebuilders who meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency. Check out these builders for homes that use less energy.

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