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Complete three or more upgrades at once to receive the Multiple Upgrade Bonus- a 50% bonus on your total rebate amount. Rebates shown in the chart below include the 50% bonus. Just making one upgrade? View the single upgrade rebates column below.


Approved Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Rebates
Upgrades Single Upgrade Rebates Multiple Upgrades Rebates
Attic/Ceiling Insulation (R-22 or less existing) $400 $600
High Efficiency Electric Water Heater Replacement $80 $120
ENERGY STAR® Windows and Doors ($500 maximum) $30 per window/door $45 per window/door
Solar Screens ($200 maximum) $20 per window $30 per window
Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Replacement1
ENERGY STAR SEER 15-15.99 (Multiple Upgrades only) Not eligible $600
ENERGY STAR SEER 16-16.99 $500 $750
ENERGY STAR SEER 17-17.99 $550 $825
ENERGY STAR SEER 18+ $600 $900
1HVAC replacement in Multiple Upgrades must be combined with Duct Replacement or Duct Sealing    
Ground Source Heat Pump $600 + $350 per ton $900 + $525 per ton
Furnace Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) $100 $150
Swimming Pool Pump (single Upgrade Only) $400 Not eligible
Multiple Upgrades Only Measures2    
Knee Wall Insulation   $525
Wall Insulation (R-0 existing)   $450
Floor/Crawlspace Insulation (R-0 existing)   $450
Radiant Barrier   $450
Air Infiltration   $300
Duct Replacement ($1,200 maximum)   $120 per supply
$150 per return
Duct Sealing: all ducts in the home must be sealed ($700 maximum for one system, $1,200 maximum for multiple systems) Adding Additional Duct Return (only required, system must test within static pressure guidelines)   $75 per supply
$120 per return
$120 per added return
2Requires mandatory third-party verification and performance testing    



Buy an energy-efficient new home

Looking for a home with upgrades already built in? Consider buying or building a new one. PSO provides rebates for homebuilders who meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency. Check out these builders for homes that use less energy.

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