Put the chill on summer bills.

Cut cooling costs with a little help from PSO.

Up to half of the energy used in your home is dedicated to heating and cooling. Save money by installing a programmable thermostat to manage temperature settings automatically. To save even more, turn HVAC controls up to 85 degrees when you’re away from home, and close window coverings during the day to block out heat gain from the sun to help increase home efficiency.

To save money and keep your air conditioning system in great shape, change filters regularly. Clean or change filters every month during summer and winter months and every three months throughout the rest of the year. Finally, consider upgrading to a high-efficiency cooling system to improve comfort, reduce energy usage and reduce costs over the long run.

How much can you save with a high-efficiency cooling system?

Watch the savings add up with this handy savings calculator.

Reduce AC replacement costs.

PSO offers incentives for your air conditioner replacement with an ENERGY STAR® model when you use a participating service provider. 

Find instant discounts on new HVAC equipment through PSO and when you complete at least two additional qualifying upgrades through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®, you'll be eligible for the 50% Multiple Upgrade Bonus. You could earn up to $5,000 in total incentives from PSO. 

Locate a service provider in your area or call 888.776.1366 to learn more.

Searching for a service provider?


Follow these tips to ensure top-quality work.

  • Get referrals from trade organizations and people in your community. Ask about the quality of work and whether the project was completed within budget.
  • Obtain itemized estimates and a signed contract.
  • Request ENERGY STAR equipment and a load calculation. ENERGY STAR equipment meets strict efficiency standards, and a load calculation will determine the size of the equipment that should be installed. Do not use a service provider who bases the size of your new unit on the square footage of your house alone..

For additional information about cooling efficiency, visit the ENERGY STAR website.