You have the power to cut operating costs.

It's all right here at your fingertips.

To go along with business services, PSO offers a wealth of tools, resources and training opportunities to help increase energy efficiency. Click the links below to access helpful resources, energy-saving tips and ways to curb energy use. Be sure to check the event calendar to learn about training opportunities from PSO.

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Follow these simple tips to reduce energy expenses.

Go exploring - Talk a stroll through your facilities and look for ways to save on energy. Visually inspect areas where energy might be lost. Maybe your ducts need sealing. Perhaps you could use seals around doors and windows. With a little footwork, you can identify ways to save.

Be frugal - Turn off lights and appliances that aren't in use. Unplug unused appliances where possible and reinforce the importance of efficiency with your staff.  Timed controls and occupancy sensors can improve your efficiency even more.

Get programmed for savings - Programmable thermostats and HVAC management systems can make a big impact on your energy costs. Altering temperature settings just a few degrees can help you achieve substantial savings.

Turn down the heat - Reducing hot water temperatures is a very simple way to save. Set your water heater no higher than 120 degrees for optimal savings.

Aim for peak savings - Depending upon the season, electricity prices may be higher during late afternoon or early evening. During summer months, consider shifting energy-intensive tasks to earlier or later in the day to take advantage of lower prices. To save even more, sign up for Peak Performers from PSO.

Don't get lost in space - Personal appliances such as space heaters, compact refrigerators and fans can rack up significant costs. Advise your staff to leave personal appliances at home or ask them to make a formal request before using them at work.

PSO offers numerous resources to help you cut business costs. From incentives to professional consultations to energy-reduction programs, we've got tools to reduce your operating expenses.

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