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PSO offers a wide variety of rebates for energy-saving upgrades made to your business. Check out our recommended upgrades and rebates available below, or call 888.776.1366 to discuss.

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Recommendation Per Unit
LED Interior Fixtures Replacing outdated equipment with new, qualified LED lighting systems can be a fast and extremely efficient way to save energy and money. $8-15
High Bay Fixtures LED Replace outdated high bay fixtures with LEDs to reduce lighting costs while enjoying a longer-lasting, better quality of light. $40-80
High Performance Fluorescent Replace HID fixtures with energy-efficient, CEE-listed fixtures. Choose high-performance T8 or T5 linear fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts. $20-60
LED Screw-In Lamps Replace existing incandescent and HID lamps with ENERGY STAR® listed LED lamps. $3-60
LED Exit Signs Replace your existing incandescent or fluorescent exit sign with a more efficient LED exit sign. $6
Parking Garage LED Fixtures Replace HID or fluorescent models with new LED fixtures. $40-60
Exterior LED Fixtures Install LED fixtures to replace HID or fluorescent models $25-110
Lighting Sensors/Controls Add occupancy sensors and/or daylight dimming controls to interior lighting. $10-15
Recommendation Per Unit
Vending Machine Controls Install occupancy-based vending machine controls to reduce energy waste and save money. $50-100
Smart Power Strips Install smart power strips and sensors. Plug office equipment into manual or automated power strips to reduce energy use when equipment is not in use. $5
Pool Pumps Replace a single-speed pool pump with an ENERGY STAR certified variable speed pool pump. $70-500
Computer Power Management Software Install software that monitors electricity usage and allows centralized control of computer power management settings. $5-10
Recommendation Per Unit
Upgrade Refrigerator & Freezers Replace your current conventional reach-in refrigerators with high-efficiency ENERGY STAR refrigerators to reduce your energy costs and enhance your food storage. $20-300
Anti-Sweat Heat Controls With an automated system, you can save energy and money by reducing the run times of your anti-sweat heaters. $40/door
Reach-In Door Closers Reduce energy waste inexpensively by installing automatic door closers on your reach-in coolers and freezers. $45-50
ECM Fan Motors Replace your inefficient fan motor with an electronically commutated motor (ECM) to dramatically reduce energy consumption over time. $5/motor
LED Strip Lighting Replace your current refrigerator lighting with ENERGY STAR LED strips to reduce lighting, cooling and maintenance costs without compromising lighting quality. $20
Strip Curtains Add strip curtains for a low-cost and high-quality solution to keep the cold air in and the warm air out of walk-in cooler and freezer units. $.50-25/sq ft
Ice Machines Replace your current ice machines with super-efficient ice machines to reduce your energy costs, save water and ensure you have enough ice to meet peak demands. $75-200
Electric Food Prep Equipment Replace your current electric food prep equipment with high-efficiency equipment to reduce your ongoing operating costs. $85-1,000
Gaskets Replace bad gaskets on cooler and freezer doors to ensure a tight seal and reduce leaks. $2-7/ft
Kitchen Vent Hood Controls Install vent hood fan speed controls and reduce costs based on the level of cooking activity. $50-400/Fan HP
Zero Energy Doors These doors require no extra energy to provide insulation and prevent condensation. $0.75/sq ft
Recommendation Per Unit
Door Weather Stripping Install weather stripping on entrance/exit doors to prevent air infiltration to conditioned space. $0.50-20/ft
Window Film Install window/solar film on your windows to reduce solar heat gain and save on cooling costs. $50-150
Recommendation Per Unit
Commercial Clothes Washer Install an ENERGY STAR certified clothes washer to save on energy and water costs. $50
Commercial Dishwasher Install an ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher to save on energy and water costs. $200-1,200
Recommendation Per Unit
New Unitary HVAC Units Install high-efficiency air conditioners to achieve significant energy and operational savings while improving comfort levels. $30-225/ton
Variable Frequency Drives for HVAC Reduce energy waste by installing a variable-speed motor that allows equipment to respond more precisely to load requirements by adjusting fan speeds when needed. $45-75/hp
Hotel Room HVAC Controls Hotel HVAC controls allow selected rooms to use less energy when the spaces are unoccupied. $25

*Rebates are available while funds last.


Peak Performers is a power management service that rewards businesses for reducing or shifting electricity use during times of high demand.

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