Want to save on lighting costs?

We'll light the way.

Lighting can represent up to a third of your total energy bill. Lighten your load with PSO’s new construction lighting incentives on:

  • Wall switch occupancy controls
  • Ceiling-mounted occupancy controls
  • Standard ballast daylight controls
  • Continuous-dimming ballast daylight controls
  • LED reach-in freezer or cooler occupancy controls
  • Reduced lighting power density (LPD). LPD measures lighting power consumption per square foot. New facilities with at least 20 percent lower power density than baseline industry lighting standards are eligible for PSO incentives

To learn more about new construction lighting incentives, access the New Construction Lighting Worksheet.

As you operate and maintain your new facilities, consider these tips for reducing lighting costs:

  • Install occupancy sensors. Occupancy sensors detect heat and motion. You can install them to shut off lights when your facility is unoccupied.
  • Use CFLs and LEDs where possible. Compact fluorescent lightbulbs save up to 75% more energy compared with incandescent bulbs. LEDs save even more.
  • Use natural light. Nothing is cheaper than natural light from the sun. Open window covers to let the light in. And consider installing skylights if your workspace can accommodate them.

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