How cool is that?

Cooling is a major expense in commercial facilities. If you are designing or building a new facility, cooling system efficiency measures that will reduce your operating costs for years to come. PSO offers a wide range of incentives to help offset the cost of high-efficiency cooling equipment, including:

  • Unitary HVAC
  • Single-packaged units
  • Split units
  • Economizer controls
  • HVAC variable frequency drives
  • Customized cooling efficiency projects
  • And more

Here are a few tips to ratchet up cooling efficiency:

  • Seal ductwork. As your new building ages, improper duct sealing can drive up cooling costs and places greater strain on your cooling equipment.
  • Install programmable thermostats. They're great for smaller buildings. For large buildings, consider an energy management system.
  • Install AC economizers. Economizers use outside air to cool building interiors and save energy.
  • Clean and maintain your cooling system. Regular HVAC maintenance will keep your system running smoothly.

Save cold, hard cash with cooling equipment incentives from PSO. Read about the High Performance Business Program and its eligibility requirements in the Unitary HVAC Application below. 

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