Save like nobody’s business.

Earn incentives on highly efficient new facilities.

At PSO, we can help you cut costs and make your business more competitive, all while enjoying maximum comfort.

PSO offers tools to reduce your overhead, including:


Stay cool and comfortable with PSO’s incentives for new construction HVAC equipment, including unitary HVAC and HVAC variable frequency drives. When the new equipment exceeds baseline new construction standards, PSO will help pay the incremental cost for the high-efficiency equipment.


Daylighting, high-efficiency fluorescent lighting and LEDs are a bright idea for any business. PSO pays incentives for reducing the lighting power density (or “LPD” expressed as watts per square foot) from baseline lighting design standards. Let PSO incentives help you light a building that does more with less energy.

High Efficiency Hotel and Kitchen Equipment

Earn incentives for installing high-efficiency equipment and controls, including commercial refrigeration and kitchen equipment, plug loads, smart strips, occupancy sensors, hotel room HVAC controls and vending machines.


PSO offers incentives on cost-effective, site-specific projects that maximize energy savings at your facility.


PSO offers engineering services to assist our customers in identifying, evaluating and implementing energy-efficient opportunities in their facility.

Get efficient from the ground up.

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