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PSO offers valuable energy services for companies seeking energy savings. Take advantage of incentives and consulting services from PSO's efficiency experts. We offer a broad range of options for how to conserve energy, including:

Total Building Tune-Up: PSO provides incentives for implementing low-cost operational and maintenance improvements. These incentives are ideal for facilities greater than 75,000 square feet that have complex HVAC systems.

Enhanced Operations & Maintenance (EO&M) Services: This option helps improve the efficiency of major electrical systems at your facility without adversely affecting operations. The program offers services such as maintenance tune-ups for unitary HVAC equipment to ensure peak efficiency. Enhanced O&M Services are suitable for facilities less than 75,000 square feet and targets unitary HVAC.

To get the most out of your RCx project, learn more about important building characteristics that should be considered during the planning phase.

Capital Improvement Consultations: PSO offers consultations to help you identify major capital improvements that pay for themselves over time. Creating energy-efficient facilities reduces operating costs and improves the asset value of your property.

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