No two facilities are quite alike.

That's what custom incentives are for.

PSO is committed to helping businesses in a variety of industries become more energy efficient. And that means customizing our financial incentives for unique equipment, machinery and commercial or industrial applications. We can help shoulder the cost of site-specific projects that maximize efficiency, reduce overhead and increase profitability.

To qualify for custom energy incentives, the first step is making a base case. Simply put, this involves making all the necessary calculations to ensure that your project is cost-effective and properly planned. We offer consultations from a High Performance Business Account Manager to guide you through the process.

We have also assembled several informative documents to provide an overview of the program, helpful advice for getting started and a formal application for submitting important information.

For a general overview and frequently asked questions, please consult the Custom Guide.

Whatever business you're in, PSO can help you move towards peak efficiency and profitability. Partner with us to reduce energy consumption, reduce your operating costs and boost your bottom line.


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