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Improve comfort and reduce operating costs
with facility upgrades powered by PSO.

At PSO, we can help you cut costs and make your business more competitive, all while enjoying improved comfort.

PSO offers numerous services and incentives, including:


Stay cool and comfortable with HVAC incentives from PSO.  We'll help offset the costs of unitary HVAC and HVAC variable frequency drives to lower your operating expenses and make your facilities more efficient.


PSO incentives help you light a building that does more with less energy. Lighting retrofits are a great way to improve the lighting standards of your building while driving down operating costs.

Hotel Equipment

Hotels can use a huge amount of electricity. Find PSO incentives to help your hotel save energy and cut costs.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial kitchens use much more energy than other commercial facilities. See how PSO can help you reduce energy use and save money in your kitchen.

Occupancy Sensors

Stop wasting money at your business heating, cooling and lighting unoccupied spaces. Install occupancy sensors that will automatically control these rooms when vacant.


PSO offers incentives on cost-effective, site-specific projects that maximize energy savings at your facility.


PSO offers engineering services to help our customers identify, evaluate and implement energy-efficient opportunities in their facility.

We also offer incentives to help customers identify low- and no-cost improvements within existing facilities. The focus is on improving energy performance and maintenance practices to gain energy-efficient results.

Making you more competitive. That's our bottom line.

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Recommendation Description Incentive per unit
Retrofit or Replace Outdated Ceiling Fixtures with LED Technology
Replacing outdated equipment with new, qualified LED lighting systems can be a fast and extremely efficient way to save energy and money.
Replace Fluorescent Lamps and Ballasts
Replace T12 or T8 linear fluorescent lamps and magnetic ballasts with CEE listed reduced-wattage T8 or T5 linear fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts.
Replace Old High Bay Fixtures with LEDs
 Replace outdated high bay fixtures with LEDs to reduce lighting costs while enjoying a longer-lasting, better quality of light.
Replace Old High Bay Fixtures with High Performance Fluorescent Fixtures
 Replace outdated high bay fixtures with high-performance T8 or T5 high bay fixtures to reduce lighting costs while enjoying a longer-lasting, better quality of light. $30-70 
Retrofit Incandescent and HID Lamps with screw-in LEDs Replace existing incandescent and HID lamps with ENERGY STAR listed LED lamps.
Replace Old Exit Signs Replace your existing incandescent or fluorescent exit sign with a more efficient, LED exit sign $10
Replace Inefficient Exterior Fixtures Install new LED outdoor or parking garage fixtures in place of existing HID or fluorescent models $35-250
Add Occupancy Sensors Wireless automation is an ideal way to make changes that lead to better efficiency and reduced costs, without making significant capital investments. $15-40
Add Controls to Anti-Sweat Heaters Save energy and money by reducing the amount of time your anti-sweat heaters are running with an efficient automated system. $40/door
Replace Old Fan Motors in Coolers and Freezers Replace your inefficient fan motor with an electronically commutated motor (ECM), to dramatically reduce energy consumption over time. $5/motor
Add Auto Door Closers to Coolers and Freezers Reduce energy waste, at low costs, by installing automatic door closers to your reach-in coolers and freezers. $45-50
Add Strip Curtains to Walk-In Coolers and Freezers Strip curtains are a low-cost and high-quality solution to keep the cold air in and the warm air out of walk-in cooler and freezer units. $5/sqft
Electric Food Prep Equipment Replace your current electric food prep equipment with high-efficiency equipment to reduce your ongoing operating costs. $115-1,000
Upgrade to Efficient Coolers and Freezers Replace your current conventional reach-in refrigerators with high-efficiency ENERGY STAR refrigerators to reduce your energy costs and enhance your food storage. $20-300
Install Super-Efficient Ice Machines Replace your current ice machines with super-efficient ice machines to reduce your energy costs, save water and ensure you have enough ice to meet peak demands. $40-350
Install Smart Power Strips and Sensors Plug office equipment into manual or automated power strips to reduce energy use when equipment is not in use. $5
Add HVAC Controls to Hotel Rooms Hotel HVAC controls allow selected rooms to use less energy during periods when the spaces are unoccupied. $25
Add Occupancy-Controls to Vending Machines Install occupancy-based vending machine controls to reduce energy waste and save money. $10-25
Replace Inefficient Cooling/Heating Systems Replace old air conditioners with high-efficiency units and achieve significant energy and operational savings while improving comfort levels. $20/ton
Retrofit Reach-in Freezer and Cooler Lighting to LED Replace your current refrigerator lighting with ENERGY STAR LED strips to reduce lighting, cooling and maintenance costs without compromising lighting quality. $20
Install Variable Frequency Drives on HVAC Systems Reduce energy waste by installing a variable-speed motor that allows equipment to respond more precisely to load requirements by adjusting fan speeds when needed. $45 per HP