For small business owners, there's no such thing as small savings.

If anyone understands the value of savings, it's small business owners. When you're managing cash flows and controlling costs down to the penny, every bit helps. At PSO, we're proud to serve the small business community. Take advantage of these resources to cut energy costs and earn valuable incentives from PSO:

  • Peak Performers. Earn incentives for voluntarily reducing peak usage just a few times a year.
  • Prescribed incentives. Earn incentives for specific measures including lighting, HVAC upgrades, occupancy sensors and more.
  • Total Building Tune-Up: PSO offers incentives to help you identify low-cost improvements. We help you optimize your existing equipment for a more efficient performance while increasing the life of your building's systems.

Check out these simple tips to save even more on energy costs:

  • Install programmable thermostats. Programmable thermostats automate your HVAC system to help you save energy and money.
  • Adjust temperatures. A few degrees can make a big difference on your energy bills.
  • Turn off lights that aren't in use.
  • Install occupancy sensors in bathrooms and break rooms. Occupancy sensors automatically shut off lights and fans in empty rooms and floors.
  • Clean or replace HVAC filters monthly. Dirty filters waste energy and place unnecessary strain on your HVAC system.

At PSO, we're big fans of small businesses.

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