Ready to cut operating costs?

You're in good company.

Find industry-specific efficiency ideas to reduce operating costs and get more competitive. The links on the left provide guidance for reducing energy consumption, lowering operating costs and improving the comfort of your building:


From monitoring light usage to adjusting the schedule of your equipment throughout the day, PSO has tools that can help your farming business reduce energy consumption. 


Efficiency incentives, technical assistance and low cost improvements can all help boost the value of your commercial property. 


A church has to manage its costs just like any other enterprise. Learn how to stretch your congregation's budget and save money. 

Data Centers

Data centers use a large amount of energy. Cutting energy costs can have a serious effect on your business. 


With limited flexibility and a tight budget, education institutions can benefit greatly from energy-saving tips.


Improving energy efficiency can be a great way to save money in government buildings. Learn about the Total Building Tune-ups, Peak Performers, and facility upgrade incentives. 

Health Care

As the health care industry becomes increasingly energy conscious, reducing energy costs can have a serious impact on the bottom line. 


With existing facility upgrades, new facility design assistance and consulting services, PSO is ready to help your project save money. 


PSO can help you through the difficult process of implementing energy efficiency measures in a multi-family housing. 

New Construction

If you are building a new facility, PSO can offer technical assistance and financial incentives to increase energy efficiency. 


Pass savings directly to your customers with improved energy efficiency at your retail business. 

Small Business

At your small business, anything that can save money can have a huge impact on your business. Check out PSO's energy conservation techniques to make your business more energy efficient.