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Seasonal Candles

What you’ll need: Clear glass containers or jars Candles Seeds or other seasonal materials of your choosing (popcorn kernels, candy corns, decorative pebbles, etc.) Directions: Take a clear glass jar or container and fill it with seeds or decorative stones/pebbles to about one inch from the base. Place your candle into the jar. Pour more […]

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When It Comes To Buying New Appliances, Timing Is Everything

Buying new appliances can be daunting. One mistake many people make is focusing on where to buy new appliances, rather than when to buy them. FALLING LEAVES MEAN FALLING PRICES The best time to buy household appliances is in September or October. This is the time of year when newer models are being shipped to stores and old ones […]

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Turn In And Turn On With PSO’s Free Bulb Exchange

See savings in a whole new light during PSO’s bulb turn-in event. Bring in a halogen or incandescent bulb to your local Walmart and sign an energy saving pledge and we’ll exchange it for a free, 60-watt ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulb. McAlester Walmart: October 8th & 9th * 432 S George Nigh Expy 9am – 1pm Bartlesville […]

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Back-To-School Backpack Tags

What you’ll need: Luggage Tag Kit (available at most craft stores) Color Construction Paper Ribbon or String Letter Stickers Scissors Glue Directions: Cut a piece of construction paper so that it fits inside the luggage tag. Take some of the letter stickers and spell out your child’s name on the paper. Decorate the tag however […]

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Don’t Waste Your Energy On A Common A/C Myth

Which saves more energy: Turning your AC off while you’re away then cranking it back up? Or leaving it running steadily throughout the day? A common misconception is that turning your AC on and off is a waste of energy. But it actually saves you money and helps your unit run more efficiently. How? While […]

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